Citrus Peel Dryers

Citrus Peel Dryers Waste membrane and peel accounts for approximately 50% of the weight of raw, pre-processed citrus fruit. Simply disposing of the waste can be expensive, but waste can become profit with a citrus peel drying system for the production of citrus pulp pellets to be used in cattle feed. In the production process, calcium oxide is added to the peels and rags, which are then crushed. This mix goes through a reactor for approximately 12 minutes and the mixing of the calcium oxide with wet peel causes water to be released from the peel. The wet peel is pressed and a liquor is released from the peel which is then concentrated in the evaporator. The wet peel then undergoes a drying process in rotating cylindrical dryers. By reducing humidity levels in the pellets to as low as 8%, the microbiological stability of the product is increased and fire hazards are reduced.