CITRUS PEEL DRYERS AND WASTE HEAT EVAPORATORS PRINCIPLES OF OPERATION AND TROUBLESHOOTING - In a citrus processing plant the feed mill is the end of the line. What is left over ends up in the feed mill. Peel, rejected fruit, rejected concentrate, clean-up waste, cold pressed oil waste, excess water, and sometimes sticks and leaves. But it is certainly to our industry’s credit that we turn our waste into a […]
ESSENCE RECOVERY, PRINCIPLES OF OPERATION AND TROUBLESHOOTING - During evaporation much of the aroma (or essence) is stripped from the juice as it is being concentrated. It is generally desired to recover a high quality (little damage from heat or oxidation) essence fraction. Essence is considered to be those naturally occurring compounds which form the fraction lighter than water vapor (Some of the […]
JUICE EVAPORATORS, PRINCIPLES OF OPERATION AND TROUBLESHOOTING - HISTORY Commercial evaporation of orange juice began in the late 1940’s. The first evaporators, to produce a product to be reconstituted and used as orange juice, were low temperature-high vacuum evaporators designed and built by B.C. Skinner of Dunedin, Florida. There were several evaporators built on this basis (Frostproof, Auburndale, Dunedin). As operational experience was […]